Long-Term Factoring

What is long term factoring?

Confluence Factoring makes long-term factoring accessible for SMEs. In your search for financing you might find several different types of factoring. If it suits the characteristics of your business, a large part of your invoice can be funded with long-term factoring. This can take payment terms of up to 12 months.

The costs are higher than with traditional factoring of your debtors. Debtor financing is a familiar and successful way of providing credit and is already being used by companies connected to well-known banks. We make it accessible for other businesses with lower turnover.

Through long-term factoring, profit of the second year can also be brought forward.


Cost of long-term factoring

With factoring you don’t just get access to credit facilities, but you are also insured against non-payment risks, such as debtor insolvency. Your credit management is professionally run for you.

We apply for long-term factoring the following costs:

  • For financing: Interest and Credit commission on a monthly basis, that is only paid when your factoring facility is in use;
  • For debtor management: Factor Fee, for professional management of your accounts receivable book;
  • To cover your debt risk: a premium for credit insurance
  • Initial Set-Up Fee, one-time costs for setting up your accounts receivable and factoring facility.


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